Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paper Snowflakes and Hearts

We decorated our front windows the other day - for winter AND for Valentine's Day! Molly (4) and I have made lots of "snowflakes" over the past few days. She just really loves to cut them out and I admit I really had a fun time making them too! Another plus: we get to see "snow" now since there isn't any real snow

You can make them six-sided like a real snowflake by starting with a circle and folding your paper like I did the flour tortilla when we made our snowflake snack last week. (Fold your circle in half, then fold a third of it - like a pie wedge - towards the middle and finally fold the other third on top of that one to create a triangle with one rounded edge.) We made ours with squares just so we could started cutting quicker! When we had enough, we picked our favorites and taped them with clear tape to our front windows.

Since Valentine's Day is around the corner (and we don't have many Valentine's decorations aside from my year-round holiday tree), we also cut out hearts! I folded red and purple paper in half length-wise, and drew half hearts on it so Molly could cut them out. Just like the snowflakes, she loved to unfold them slowly to see how her shapes turned out!

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