Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Memories Don't Have to Be Homemade

Who says your special crafts and snacks have to be homemade? As long as you are enjoying special time with your children, then doing anything with them is what memories are made of!

Target has some great Valentine's Day activities, decorations, and gifts in their dollar section. We found two great crafts that were fun and simple to make! One activity we bought was a kit to make three little poof ball creatures, which was really cute! Molly (4) really enjoyed their kit to make a foam Valentines Day monkey decoration. (Monkeys are pretty big around here.) I really love foam crafts for my kids because they are so colorful and lightweight enough to display wherever. This particular craft kit was great because the foam was pre-cut and had adhesive already on it. In other words, Molly could do it all by herself and she was so proud! Now that it's hanging on our wall (just with a couple circles of scotch tape), Ben (1) always says "ooh ooh ah ah!" when we pass by it, like a monkey. I would say all that enjoyment was worth a buck!

The second thing we did that day that wasn't exactly homemade, was bake up some Pilsbury cookies! Sure, I knew they made all kinds of sugar cookies with different seasonal pictures on them. But did you know they make Disney Princess ones now!? I found some at Walmart Neighborhood Market with hearts and purple princess slippers on them. Molly (4) can line them up on the cookie sheet by herself as we count out the cookies. And they were delicious!

So see? Not everything has to be homemade to be special!

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