Saturday, February 4, 2012

Football Cake Pops

In addition to the other Superbowl activities we've done (please see my previous blog post!), Molly (4 ) and I also made cake pops for everyone! We have a Bella Cake Pop and Donut Hole Maker so that makes it quick and easy! You can also find a recipe online to make them without a maker - it involves baking a cake, cooling it, crumbling it, mixing it with frosting (yum!), and rolling it into balls. Ok, now we're at the same spot!
Now, melt some almond bark or candy coating in a microwave safe mug; the deeper the better. First dip your sticks into the melted almond bark before poking them into your cake pops. This s a good (and clean) job for your little ones! Once they are hardened a bit, dip the whole cake pop into the mug of almond bark to completely cover it. We used chocolate flavored for this part, so it would be the color brown ... and delicious. After all our cake pops were covered, I melted a small amount of vanilla flavored almond bark and put it in a plastic baggie. Snip one end and use this as a frosting bag to pipe football laces onto each cake pop.
Hey! If you made your own cake pops, instead of shaping them into spheres you can make them shaped like little footballs! And the stroke of genius amazes me. (Dripping with sarcasm...) hehe
Meanwhile, to display our cake pops and serve them at a party, Molly and I like to poke them into a green foam block for flower arrangements. You can find them really inexpensive at Walmart. First, though, we cover it with aluminum foil so it looks nice, and you can also decorate the foil with stickers or permanent markers.
Also try making these cake pops at a sports theme birthday party, end of the season party for your kids' team, or even homecoming. TOUCHDOWN!

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Melissa O said...

I love cake pops!! I bought the Cake Pop book by Bakerella last year. I haven't made any of the really cute ones though. I usually just zigzag chocolate across the top of them because I am not patient. This past Christmas I made 3 batches for everyone at Mike's work and arranged them in plastic wine glasses filled with shredded paper. They turned out so cute. That was my big craft for last year...and it took it out of me. LOL!