Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter Scene Art Project

Here's a really cute project to do with your kids, and it would be neat to make a BIG one with a whole preschool class! We made a winter scene... even though so far we've had such warm weather - including almost 60 degrees two days in a row at the playground!!

Start with a sheet of dark construction paper, like black or blue. Draw a wavy line with white chalk that will be your horizon. Cut out several shapes: squares, rectangles, and triangles from different colors of construction paper and glue them along your line to create houses and buildings. You can also use a black marker or crayon to draw windows and doors if you wanted, but we just left ours blank which is cute too. Fill in the ground with your white chalk, and add lots of small circles to be falling snow. Molly (4) was able to do this whole project by herself... with some help with the cutting when she got "tired!"

This project was a great review of shapes, cutting, gluing, and we talked about winter weather! I found it in a Christmas Craft Book by Usbourne Books.

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