Monday, January 16, 2012

Glittery Snowflake Project

Finally we had some snowy weather and got to make a snowflake project I've been excited to try! I found this idea in the December/January 2012 issue of Family Fun Magazine. Here's what you'll need:

Cotton Swabs
Plastic Wrap

To prepare your work station, cover a large piece of cardboard with some plastic wrap. I used just one face of a cardboard box I cut off. Just a note: I always use an old steak knife to cut cardboard boxes (I often use cardboard boxes to create large shapes for parties and games), and it works great!

Molly (4) and I counted out 18 cotton swabs per snowflake - always time for math practice! I laid out my snowflake and she followed my lead. First lay out 6 cotton swabs in a star, like an astrisk. Then create six diamonds all around with the remaining twelve cotton swabs. Pour plenty of glue on each of the intersections, letting it dribble around each tip and onto your plastic wrap. While the glue is still wet, sprinkle it with glitter (yea!) and let it dry overnight.

The next day when it's completely dry, carefully remove your snowflake from the plastic wrap. It should stay in one piece and you can hang it for a beautiful winter decoration!

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