Monday, June 4, 2012

Butterfly Books to Read With Your Kids

Molly (5) really enjoyed learning about butterflies during our butterfly week of MOMS Camp. We found some great books at our local library that did a good job teaching the life cycle of a butterfly to her age group. Some of our favorites are:

"Are You A Butterfly?" by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries. It has beautiful illustrations and tells all about butterflies in a very cute way! For example, "...You grow bigger. And bigger...You feel so full you think you are going to burst."

"Starting Life Butterfly" by Claire Llewellyn was our favorite. It has so much detail about a butterfly's life. You can choose to read all the script in all the little side notes, or just stick to the main parts. I actually learned a lot about butterflies that I didn't know! The different sizes of pages are fun, too.

A fun book to read is "Angelina and the Butterfly" by Katharine Holabird. It's a cute story of how Angelina and Alice find a butterfly that later saves the day! I also found this one on DVD from the library which was fun to watch. 

Finally, "The Butterfly Alphabet" by Kjell B. Sandved is so interesting! It has cute verses for each letter... and close up photographs of different butterfly wings with letters in their designs! There is also photos of the butterfly from far away. It was so neat to see all the different butterflies!

After reading these books, I had Molly review the butterfly life cycle with a really cool Sequencing Life Cycle Sticker Kit I found at Oriental Trading. It was on sale and included other life cycles that we'll use later in the summer so it was a real win-win find! Each sticker had more facts on it and was a fun project for Molly. Later, as we visited playgrounds, she liked looking for butterfly eggs and baby caterpillars on the leaves!

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