Friday, June 29, 2012

Building Neighborhoods With Shapes

We have these great shapes from Discovery Toys we've been playing with lately! They have little suction cups on the back so they stick to windows and bathtubs... and make a fabulous sound when you pull them off. :O)   We hadn't gotten them out for a long time but Molly (5) found them this week so we put them to use and made a neighborhood with them on our big front windows!

This is a great project to foster imagination and creativity, along with practicing shapes and colors for Ben (2). I was so happy when I heard that later Molly used shapes to create another neighborhood without me so it must have been a fun project for her! (success!)

Unfortunately, I just checked their website and Discovery Toys doesn't offer these suction cup shapes anymore. But! You can also make a neighborhood using shapes cut out from construction paper, similar to what we did in this older post from this past winter!

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