Friday, April 6, 2012

Hopping Easter Bunny Craft

Here is an idea I adapted from an activity called Jumping Cups I found in an old Family Fun magazine. The original instruction can be found online but here is my slightly adjusted version: Hopping Easter Bunny Cups!

Here's what you'll need:

two paper or plastic cups

Begin by cutting the rubber band into two pieces and tie a knot in each side. Draw an Easter Bunny on paper and cut it out. Your kids can color it in however they like! They can also decorate the cups with construction paper, markers, or stickers. We used leftover birthday party cups so they were already pretty colorful!

Next, cut four slits in the rim of one cup, about an inch deep, on opposite sides.  Tape the end of each cut so they don't tear any further. Now slide the rubber bands into those slits so they make an X.

Finally, tape your paper bunny to that same cup, and rest it on top of the plain cup. When you push down on the top cup then let go, your bunny will hop up into the air!

Here is a video of Molly (5) playing with her Hopping Easter Bunny so you can see how high it can go! Even though you might not want your younger children doing the cutting involved in this project, it is still a fun activity for them to play with - Ben (2) loved making his Bunny jump off the kitchen table!

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