Thursday, September 18, 2008

walk in the sunshine

The first alarm clock I ever owned had "walk in the sunshine" written on it. It had the loudest, most annoying ring of any alarm clock I have had since. I have always taken it to be a choice (though voiced as a command, really) to literally look on the bright side of things. It's been a sort of mantra I repeat to myself when I want to relish the simple things in life.

When I got married, it was an outdoor wedding, and we considered the time of day when deciding which way to face so the guests wouldn't be looking into the sun... but guess who was? Me. For parts of the ceremony I ducked behind my husband so he could block the bright sun, but mainly I squinted into the sunshine and delighted in all the tiny rainbows that danced on my eyelashes. Sometimes I have to remind myself about those exact moments in the sunshine when something in my life now is getting me down.

When I found out I was having a baby girl in 2006, I immediately began calling her my sunshine girl, even before she was born. Each morning I greet her with "Good morning, my sunshine girl," which usually makes her smile. Starting a day with my beautiful daughter is all the sunshine I need to get me through the rest of it.

So here I begin what is to be *hopefully* a positive blog, following mainly me and my daughter as we choose to walk in the sunshine.

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