Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fun Space Themed Recipes For Kids

Our Blast Off! week of MOMS Camp was a big hit! I was so happy that my 4-year old really got into it! Here's some of the fun space themed recipes we had this week:

We made a fun breakfast out of toast and scrambled eggs that looked like a rocket ship! I added a bit of yellow food coloring to the eggs to make them extra bright and sprinkled some shredded cheddar cheese on them. Please note: there are no crusts on the toast! lol I also added a small window to our rocket ships using a round slice of strawberry!

For a fun and educational snack, we shared a Fruit Tray Solar System! I found this idea on Pinterest but ended up using my own ideas for each planet, based on what  I had on hand. Here's a list of what I used to get the (relatively) right colors and sizes: Sun - grapefruit; Mercury - little yellow sweet pepper; Venus - cherry; Earth -  kiwi; Mars - strawberry; Jupiter - plum with a tiny strawberry to be the big red spot; Saturn -  lemon with an extra lemon peel for the rings; Uranus -  regular size marshmallow; Neptune - banana; Pluto - miniature marshmallow! I placed everything on my icy tray from Pampered Chef so they stayed cool...and my kids thought this snack was really "cool!"

Another very educational snack we had was a plate of Oreo cookies - portraying the Phases of the Moon!! I saw this idea on Pinterest and HAD to do it. So yummy and so smart! We also read a book about the moon and it's phases right before we had this snack. I was so proud a few nights later when my 4-year old pointed out the "half moon" in the sky! I just used a butter knife to scrape off the extra frosting we didn't need for each shape... but it was all reused in the remaining "top cookies" to create extra Oreos to eat.

A very quick and easy dessert I made one day was Night Sky Chocolate Pudding! I literally made this in a couple minutes while my kids were playing and they hardly noticed I was gone, it went so fast. This is also a great recipe your kids can make on their own! Make some instant chocolate pudding and as it is setting, sprinkle some mini marshmallows on top to be the stars. Use a sharp knife or kitchen shears to cut out a crescent shape from a regular size marshmallow to be a moon! I like making single servings ahead of time so after dinner it is so fast and easy to pull these out of the refrigerator for a yummy and special dessert.

One day this week we went to pick strawberries (not space related but fun!) so naturally I made strawberry shortcake! I did make it with a star theme to go with our space week, butt then I turned it into a red white and blue dessert so I wrote about separately for the 4th of July and you read that blog post HERE

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