Monday, June 2, 2014

Fun Kids Recipes - Weather Theme!

Throughout our Weather Week of MOMS Camp, we made several fun recipes including snacks, side dishes, a breakfast, and desserts!

For a new take on "sunny side up eggs" we made an easy Sunshine Breakfast! This fun and simple meal of scrambled eggs and toast is from a previous post I did in 2012. You can read more about it HERE. For my son's breakfast this time, I made his with cinnamon-sugar toast!

A fun side dish we made at lunch one day was Rainbow Fruit Kabobs! This idea was one I found on Pinterest. I used different fruits than what was suggested, just because it was what I already had in my fridge plus when I went to the store for more I opted out of spending so much for blueberries! My kids don't really eat them anyway. The fruits I did use were: Strawberries; Oranges; Pineapple; Kiwi; and Blackberries. I used plastic kids' chopsticks as my sticks. My daughter loved these!

Another rainbow side dish we made was Rainbow Veggies which I served at dinner one day. This was also an idea from Pinterest. I used slices of red, orange, yellow, and green peppers for the rainbow, and cauliflower for the clouds. I also added on a "pot of gold".... ranch dressing that I dyed gold with orange food coloring! This was the first time my daughter ate ALL her peppers so this recipe will definitely hit my table again some time!

Finally, two different desserts we made this week both looked like clouds! One was Cloudy Day Jell-O. I served squares of Jell-O with puffs of whipped cream throughout to look like clouds. To get this awesome sky blue color I used COTTON CANDY flavored gelatin! It was so yummy!! I found it at Wal-Mart and had never heard of the brand Kid's Kitchen before but it was totally worth it and delicious!

A second dessert this week was my Blue Sky Float! I used vanilla ice cream in clear glasses. Meanwhile, I dyed some clear lemon-lime soda blue with food coloring. I used 5 drops to get the deep blue color I wanted. When that was poured into the glasses with vanilla ice cream it turned a little lighter and the ice cream looked like clouds! Another hit with my kids and so simple!

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