Friday, September 28, 2012

Spongebob Party Ideas

Ever since my daughter was born in 2007 I have held an annual Halloween party for her. (Yes, she had a party at age 7 months...) It is so fun and special! When my son was born in 2010, I struggled to choose an occasion for his annual party that wouldn't clash with other occasions and finally settled on an Annual Summer Party of some sort. Maybe some years when he's older it will be a pool party and maybe it will be a sleep over, but this year it was an End Of Summer Party... mainly so all the big kids would be in school and all the little siblings would be free to party on their own!

I allowed Ben (2) to choose his own theme for the party and I was not surprised when he went with Spongebob Squarepants! We had already done a Spongebob theme for my own birthday celebration in May (per my daughter's request) so we got to reuse a bean bag toss we had created. You can read all about how to make it here!

I searched Pinterest for ideas first, and happily came across something I could use! I was surprised  there weren't more good ideas on there though! Many of the Spongebob ideas were professional-type cakes and cupcakes that real moms with real kitchens and real limited time just cannot make!

The treat I settled on was perfect, though, and used donuts which was great for a morning party - not to mention that Ben LOVES white powdered donuts! I just used large, store-bought powdered donuts and added strips of red frosting around them to make them look like floatation rings. My frosting was made from scratch (at 11pm the night before the party...) but you can just use store bought if you want. I found the perfect little Spongebobs made of sugar from a local baking store to ride in them. I served the donuts in a blue container to look like water and it came out so cute! They were also yummy, not too messy, and just too easy!

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