Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fun Game to Practice Sight Words

My little kindergartner has homework every night! It's easy enough and the perfect amount for her, so I'm definitely not complaining! In fact, her homework time has turned into special bonding time for us each day! She'll sit at the kitchen table working while I sit with her and do my own work (paying bills, making grocery lists, planning activities, etc). She also loves to play school while we do it so I get to be her teacher! Oh, how I love this because I played school ALL-THE-TIME when I was little.

We have working time, coloring time, reading time, recess, and today I found a way to incorporate P.E. into our homework studies! She has a list of sight words to practice each week (the, in, is...) Today I wrote them each on a paper plate. Then we took them into the living room to start our gym class:

Spread the paper plates out on the floor. As you set each one down, be sure to show them to your child and use the word so they know what it is. Once all the plates are down, call out a sight word and have them stand on it as fast as they can when they find the correct one. They can run to it or jump on it or dance around them. Your child will never know they're learning at the same time! Keep calling out the words so your child can find them quickly and stand on them.

Here are some more variations:

* Use the sight word in a sentence instead of just saying it and have your child hurry to stand on that word.
* Just say the word, but then have your child use it in a sentence once they stand on it.
* Play music like musical chairs and when it stops have your child stand on the nearest word and read it aloud.
* Use the paper plates like giant flash cards.


D's Mama said...

This idea is wonderful! My daughter is a kinesthetic and tactile learner. Moving is necessary for her to "get" many concepts. I will try this fun game in our home to help her with her sight-words.

*Colleen said...

This is a great Idea!
Brenden and Kiki would love playing this!