Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Tree Topper - Party Cup Turkey!

Yes, we have a holiday tree in my house year 'round! We decorate it for each holiday - just about something new every month. For November it's covered in lots of gourds and one turkey made out of jingle bells. What our tree was lacking though, was a tree topper! I came up with this cute and easy craft for my daughter (4) to make and add to the top of our tree. Of course, you don't have to have a holiday tree to make this one - your paper cup turkey can rest anywhere!

Here's what you need:
Party Cup (we used a clear one, but yours could be any color - especially brown would be nice!)
Construction paper - white like we used or different colors
Googly Eyes

First, I drew templates on construction paper for my daughter to color and cut out. I used all white paper but you can certainly use colored construction paper to take away one of the steps. I drew several feathers in two different sizes, a waddle, two wings, two feet, and a diamond to fold in half and become the 3D beak. At first Molly cut out the feathers by herself, but after a while I took over when her hands got tired.

Next we glued all the pieces onto our cup, being careful to place the feathers on so the color showed in the front! We happened to have sticky googly eyes so that was a fun touch, but you could glue on paper ones too. Finally, since all I had was a clear plastic cup to use, we stuffed the inside with a piece of wadded-up brown paper bag. Otherwise, you could use a brown cup, color your cup brown, or cover your cup with brown construction paper.

Our Party Cup Turkey sits atop our holiday tree, but yours could sit on the edge of a shelf with his little legs dangling over!

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