Tuesday, November 8, 2011

FUN and DONE! Quickie Thanksgiving activities

Today can be a collection of small things we've done at our house the past few days! Nothing big, but enough to mention I hope. :O)

As we put away our Halloween decorations, we discovered there's not a lot of Thanksgiving decor around the house. My daughter (4) put it upon herself to draw a WONDERFUL turkey that she cut out to hang up in our bathroom. I LOVE IT!

The next day, she was drawing pumpkins and all of a sudden traced her hand and made a turkey out of that!! I was so amazed that she remembered that project from when we made them LAST year!! We also made a mini one with Ben's hand (age: 1). Please use Washable Markers so they're easy to clean off! Here's what you do (so easy!) Trace your hand. Connect it at the bottom where your wrist would be. Color each finger a different color if you'd like to make feathers. Draw a beak, eyes, and gobble (that red thing!) on the thumb for your turkey's head. Then add legs at the bottom. Fun and done!

Today, we decorated our Holiday Tree -- a mini fake Christmas Tree I keep up in my house all year around that we decorate for each holiday. For November and Thanksgiving, we decorated it with little gourds I bought years ago at a store like Michael's. I also have some small pumpkins that were given to me from a friend and some neat gourd garland from a garage sale. In other words - just shop around for whatever will fit on your tree!

Here's an idea we'll use for next year: remember our Thankful Countdown Calendar? Each day we've each been adding one new thing we're thankful for on a strip of colored paper. I plan to keep those and hang them on the tree by punching holes in them and tying on ribbon. Too impatient to wait for next year? Write what you're thankful for on strips of ribbons you can tie on to branches of your own tree. OR you could draw pictures of what you're thankful for, or cut them from magazines like we did the other day, and attach those to your tree with ribbons too!

Also, we came up with the perfect post-Halloween snack: s'mores! I'm a mega fan of s'mores, in case you didn't already know... so why not make them out of leftover Halloween candy?? We made ours out of a mini Hershey Bar, but Hershey Kisses, Crunch Bars, KitKats, or anything chocolate will work! YUM! Build your s'more, minus the top graham cracker, on a cookie sheet covered with foil. Broil on low for about 2-3 minutes. Squish on the top layer and let cool. Enjoy!

Maybe the best part of today's blog? My new catchphrase I came up with: FUN and DONE!

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*Colleen said...

Nice and simple and Your tree looks cute! =)