Monday, October 3, 2011

Hoots and Howls

Before October begins, I accumulate a list of happenings during the month and make a list of all the different ideas I've come up with to do. I reuse many ideas from year to year that are pretty simple, or fill-in with things I can figure out later, such as "make a Halloween craft" or "have a special Halloween snack". Then I look at a calendar and figure out which activity will be best for which day. I pencil it into my schedule book and stick the notes in their corresponding calendar pockets. Every day needs to be flexible though, and I have already switched around day 2 and 3 depending on what was going on and how I felt that day! Hence the PENCIL in my agenda!

Day 2 was a big one: we went to the Kansas City Zoo! During the first four weeks of October they have what they call "Hoots and Howls". The zoo is decorated with some Halloween and fall decor, including a huge collection of scarecrows you pass while riding the train! They also have some kids' activities, like a really neat cart with hanging pots and pans for your children to drum on with provided drum sticks! They also boasted a free hay ride and a separate kid's area, and though we saw both, Molly (4) opted to ride their new Sky Safari and see the snakes instead. Ben (1) was all about that drumming cart! What an awesome idea!

Day 3 was a fun and useful project: making Halloween cards! I've been really into making my own cards this year and Molly loves to play with stickers and stamps while I do the real work. To save time, the finished product wasn't very complicated, but I wanted Molly to be more involved so they each have a sticker of her choice on the cover and plenty of miscellaneous Halloween stickers and stamps inside! FYI: Target (which I obviously frequent...) is selling great sets of Halloween-inspired, 12"x12" scrapbook paper in sets of 8 or 12 sheets for just a buck in their dollar section!!

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