Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ghost Craft plus a Snack

Day 4 of our Halloween Countdown was all about ghosts! We made ghost ornaments and had a ghostly snack.

For ornaments, I tore apart an old (but clean) egg carton. I had Molly (4) draw faces on each one with permanent markers. She liked adding extras like hair and noses... not your normal ghostly features, but it was fun. This was also a good time for a lesson on emotions because each face turned out so different! After the faces were complete, Molly poked a hole in each top simply with a ball point pen. I threaded some yarn through and knotted the end a few times so it wouldn't slip out. We hung the little army of ghosts in our tree out front, on varying lengths of yarn. They're surprisingly visible from the street!

After the decorating was done, I sneaked in the kitchen to make a quick and very simple snack: marshmallow ghosts! I came up with this idea literally right before I executed it, they were so ridiculously easy. I wasn't even going to blog about it, but Molly was so excited for them.

Start with a marshmallow. Press three chocolate chips into it to create a ghost face. I kind of pinched open the marshmallow before pressing in the chocolate chips to help it stick. Done.

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