Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Uncle Sam Paper Plate Mask

Here is a fun and simple project to make with your kids for the Fourth of July! You probably have everything you need already around your house.


My 3 year old was able to do it mostly by himself with some prep work by me. My daughter, age 6, also had fun making one! Her favorite part was coloring the hat. Here's what you'll need:

- paper plate
- white card stock or construction paper
- scissors
- glue
- crayons
- cotton balls
- craft stick
- stapler plus tape

Start by cutting out the center of a paper plate. I did this part for both my kids. Then cut out a hat shape from your white card stock. Older children can cut this out on their own. Have your children decorate the hat with red and blue crayons.

Use glue to attach cotton balls to the bottom half of the paper plate. This is Uncle Sam's beard! I was so proud of my 3 year old during this part - he put the cotton balls in a perfect line and DIDN'T MAKE A MESS!! Woo hoo!!

Use an apricot colored crayon to fill in the blank white part of the paper plate. Now attach the hat to the top of your paper plate using a stapler. Be sure the smooth side of the staple is facing the back so it won't scratch your child's face.

Use strong tape (or a hot glue gun) to attach a craft stick to the back of your mask so you can hold it!

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