Saturday, June 8, 2013

Robot Books and Movies

Each week of MOMS Camp I pick out books and movies to go along with our current theme. This week we did robots because my three year old is really into them. He loves to walk around the house pretending to be a robot and even reprimands me for talking like "a mommy" and not a robot!

Here's a list of our favorite robot books from the library this week:

The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot
by Margaret McNamara and Mark Fearing
(A fun, outer-space version of the Three Little Pigs.)

Robot Zot
by Ian Scieszka and David Shannon
(Wonderful illustrations and a funny *little* robot who is very silly and brave.)

The Robobots
by Matt Novak
(A very zany tale of a new robot family that teaches a valuable lesson.)

See Otto
by David Milgrim
(This is part of a Ready-to-Read series that's perfect for my little blooming reader! It has easy pages, including "Go, Otto, go!" and my daughter (age 6) was so proud to read it to me and her little brother! This one actually has my favorite illustrations, by the way, because they are hilarious.)

Our favorite robot movies from this week are:

Wall-E (of course)

The Iron Giant (my 3 year old son LOVED this one because it includes tanks and weapons, but it might be a little much for your child if they get scared easily at giant angry robots and the military)

The Backyardigans: Robot Repairman

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