Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Marshmallow Painting

I just thought one day that it would be fun to paint with marshmallows...and so we did. My daughter had so much fun painting with them - and it was a great way to use up stale marshmallows, too! Here are two projects you can make for St. Patrick's Day with this unusual paint brush!

We used Crayola washable paints, by the way, which are the best.

First I created a pallet of colors for her on a paper plate and provided one marshmallow per color... and a couple fresh ones for snacking! The first project we made was a rainbow, using the marshmallows to dab circles of color along an arched line. 

When your rainbow is finished, add marshmallows clouds with regular glue! We used a heavier card stock for this project to accommodate the weight of the glue and marshmallows.


Next, we made a lucky shamrock sign! I wrote "Happy St. Patty's Day!" on another sheet of card stock and had my daughter (6) decorate our sign with marshmallow shamrocks. Just make three green circles together with your marshmallow, then draw a stem with your finger.  Next project... s'mores! :O)

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