Saturday, December 1, 2012

Introductory Letter for your Elf on the Shelf

I have purchased a cute holiday edition Groovy Girls doll to be our secret Elf this Christmas! Click HERE for a link to purchase your own on  Check out my other blog post for a whole list of fun ideas to do with your elf all December long.

To go along with this fun new tradition, I have written a letter to my kids, from their new elf, explaining the story and rules for the Elf on the Shelf. You can use any part of this you'd like, just copy and paste it! Be sure to change it to your own elf's name!

"Holiday Greetings! Time to rock and roll! ~ I’m Chrissy Christmas, sent from the North Pole!
Santa Claus sent me through cold snow and ice to be sure you’re not being NAUGHTY, but NICE!
I’m one of his elves and I’m on a mission to be sure you’re sweet and find out what you’re wishin’.

I’ll be in your house and watch you all day, then travel at night so far, far away
To tell Santa about all the things that you’ve done. ~ I won’t miss a thing and we’ll have some fun!
He’ll find out about any fights or whining or messes you make,
but I’ll also tell him about all the nice questions, sweet games, and hugs and kisses you take!

Santa loves to bring presents to good girls and boys, so be sure to follow these simple joys:
Love each other; talk nicely; be sure to help out; be respectful; be happy and don’t cry or pout.
Listen to your mommy and daddy and teachers; be nice to friends, adults, and all of God’s creatures.

After I visit with Santa I’ll come back to your house ~ sneaking inside as quick as a mouse.
Then each morning when you are both awake, look around and find me – how long will it take?
Every day I’ll be somewhere silly and new, ready to spend my day watching you!

My job is important, Santa’s counting on me so please let me work and just leave me be.
I’ll have enough fun watching and making you search, so just give me hugs then return to my perch.
Your mommy can move me all by herself, and there I’ll sit still – your Elf on the Shelf!

When you leave cookies out on Christmas Eve night, leave me by them – I won’t take a bite!
After Santa leaves presents (like I’m sure he will), I’ll hop in his sleigh because it is real!
I’ll fly back to his workshop to spend the next year, but come Christmas time I’ll always be here."


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MelD said...

I love your letter, We got our own Elf from Etsy and would love to use your letter too